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RotoZip, a division of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation ("Bosch", "we", "us") respects the privacy of its users. In this document, we explain how we use information you supply us via the website. Please take a minute to read the following policy so that you can understand how we treat your personal information. As we update and expand our services, this policy might change, so please review it periodically.

Please note that although there may be links from this site to other websites, this Privacy Policy applies only to this site and not to websites of other companies or organizations to which our site is linked. We are not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of any websites to which this site may link.

This website is the product of Bosch. This Privacy Policy is subject to the terms and conditions of our Terms of Use Agreement, including without limitation, the limitations on liability, governing law, and dispute resolution provisions of the clicking here.

Retailer and Service Center Locator: You may provide us with personally identifiable information such as your zip code and phone number if you use the Retailer or Service Center Locator sections of our site. The information which you enter in these sections will be managed for us by one of our third party service providers, who will provide you with retailer and service center locations which correspond to the information which you enter. Although we collect information regarding the total number of visitors to these sections, we do not currently collect, retain or use any of the information which you provide in these sections.

Searches: Although we do not currently do so, we may in the future collect and retain information that is entered into the search engines offered on our site. We will notify you when we collect this information from search engines in the Notification of Changes section of this Privacy Policy (see below).

Career Page: You may provide us with personally identifiable information if you submit your resume to us in the "Career Page" section of our site. All resumes which are submitted to us through this site are first collected by Webhire, one of our service providers, and then submitted to us. Webhire is not authorized by us to retain, use for its own purposes, or in any way provide to third parties the information which it collects and compiles for us. Please note that the Career Page section of our site is intended for use and submission by residents of the United States only.

Cookies: Cookies are small pieces of data that are sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. At this time, we use cookies on this site only to recognize whether you are a new or returning visitor to our site. However, we may use cookies in the future to collect demographic information about our visitors, in order to serve them better. If we begin to use cookies for other purposes, visitors will be notified by an amendment to this Privacy Policy. This site may, however, include links to third parties who may use cookies. See the Collection of Information By Third Parties section below.

IP Addresses: We compile IP addresses - the location of your computer on the Internet - for administrative and analytical purposes. We do not routinely collect any personally identifiable information through our compilation of your IP address or the location of your computer on the Internet. However, in cases of suspected abuse or service problems, we may use an IP address in conjunction with other personally identifiable information to enforce our terms of service and to protect or troubleshoot the service, the site, its users or others who may be affected. No personally identifiable information associated with IP addresses will be shared with third parties for marketing purposes without your permission.

How do we use the information we collect?

Direct Promotion: The information you provide us in the product registration section will be used by us for internal market research. In the future, we may send you mail, email and/or newsletters to provide you with information about us and our products. We will notify you of any changes in our Direct Promotion practices in the Notification of Changes section of this Privacy Policy (see below).

With whom do we share the information we collect?

We do not sell your personally identifiable information to any third parties. Although we will not share your personally identifiable information with our affiliates without first obtaining your consent, certain of our service providers, such as Equifax, may collect information from you, and may use your information for its own purposes, which may include selling your information to third parties. (See the Product Registration section of this Privacy Policy, above.) We may also share your personally identifiable information with third parties in order to allow them to perform analytical and other services for us. For example, we will share your personally identifiable information with our third party service providers to help us manage your information and perform services for you. In some cases, we may also work with third parties that do analysis and development on our behalf. We will share your personally identifiable information with such third parties only on the condition that the third parties maintain the information as confidential and use the information only to perform the services specified by us.

How do we handle changes to your information or to this policy?

Notification of Changes: Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on our web site at this location.

Newsletters and direct promotion: If you would prefer not to receive any direct mailings, emails or newsletters from us, please complete and return to us the "opt-out" reply form that accompanies your mailing.


While we try to maintain integrity of your personal information, none of the information that you transmit through this site is or will be encrypted, and we cannot guarantee that the personally identifiable information which you submit on the site will be secure.

Childrens' Guidelines

We do not knowingly collect or use any personally identifiable information from online visitors under 13 years of age. We do not knowingly allow visitors under the age of 13 to participate in any of our promotions or contests.

Collection of Information by Third Parties

We allow a variety of third parties to place links on our site, including but not limited to and LogoFX, Inc. These third parties may place cookies on your computer when you click on their links. Third-parties who place links on this site have their own privacy policies regarding their collection and use of your personally identifiable information. To understand the privacy practices of these third parties, please review the privacy policies that are posted on these third party web sites.

Nevada Law: :Nevada law requires operators of Internet websites which collect certain items of personally identifiable information to establish a designated request address through which a Nevada consumer may submit a verified request directing the operator not to make any sale of covered information collected about the consumer (the "Nevada Privacy Law"). Robert Bosch Tool Corporation does not currently sell such covered information (as contemplated by the Nevada Privacy Law), but Nevada residents may register an email address to which instructions on how to exercise your “do not sell” right will be delivered if Robert Bosch Tool Corporation begins selling covered information (as contemplated by the Nevada Privacy Law), in the future. If you are a Nevada resident and would like to register an email with Robert Bosch Tool Corporation for this purpose, please send an email from the email address you wish to register to with the subject line "Nevada Privacy Law Opt-Out Registration Request."

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